General Arts Inclusion

Project Description

Social Fabric work in partnership with organisations, schools and pupil referral units on art intervention programmes to support children from disadvantaged and developing circumstances who find themselves in crisis. As well as printmaking we also use other creative mediums for expression and are often develop new ways of working to suit a particular project or collaboration.

“Sarah Pimenta has worked on Oval house’s inclusion programmes for over 6 years. Sarah has worked with diverse groups in a variety of education and community settings, working as a lead artist and associate artist alongside other arts professionals on projects. Her experience and sensitivity of working with marginalised and ‘at risk’ groups is second to none. Sarah has worked successfully with young people excluded from mainstream education settings, young offenders, children with complex and profound disabilities, children who are looked after and children who are unaccompanied minors. Sarah is skilled at designing and pitching activities and projects at exactly the right level and ensures an exciting, high quality artistic experience and meaningful outcomes for all the young people she works with”

Emily Doherty – Early Years Teacher, previously Head of Inclusion at Ovalhouse, Applied Arts Project Manager, Practitioner and Trainer. Founding member of Creating Change.

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